Concerning the Music of 2018 (halftime check-in)

Yes, it might be a little early to call it halftime, but we're pretty close and I'm pretty eager to put this thing somewhere. What thing is that? you might ask, with eyebrow raised. Why it's this thing I can't get enough of these days, my very own Spotify playlist.

Yes, the streaming quality may not be the best, and artists are still most likely being fleeced rotten, unable to make a living in this sad world where all creative work is now considered public domain. Indeed, Spotify may be a big problem, but I'm paying my monthly fee and, hey, have you checked out this playlist feature? You can totally waste full days of your life moving songs around. Look, I put one of my photos on it -- like an album cover!

Yes, it's all pedestrian at best (which is the name of my upcoming cooking show) I suppose, but I'll be damned if you can't jump on this thing and find an endless treasure trove of head-spinningly good music with a grotesquely small amount of effort. Sure, a half hour on the Spotify app kills my iPod's battery but I'm not sure who to blame for this. And yeah, a lot of time the desktop software is just a black void with a spinning circle, but check this out...

Yes, there's already over 250 songs on this beast -- it's a work in progress, alright? But have you listened to that Mark Renner album? How about the new Jennifer Castle tunes? And there's this single by a band called Purr... Damn it, just give it a listen. This is 99% quality stuff.

And hey, Drag City is on Spotify now. It can't be all bad, right?