A Playlist For the Ages: "The Cooler" Or, Chunklet's Massive Song Dump

A very likely to be recurring feature here in the music section where I highlight a Spotify playlist that I'm currently obsessed with. This time around, it's Henry Owings's "The Cooler" playlist.

Do you like semi-obscure garage rock from the 1990s? Or how about super-obscure British psychedelia from the 1960s? Do the words Pylon, Cows, Flipper and Harvey Milk also evoke musical connotations? Do you nod knowingly when someone talks about the important difference between Rocket From the Tombs and Rocket From the Crypt? Are you hoping that next year's Riot Fest lineup features a reunion of the original Don Caballero trio? 

Then this playlist is for you, my friend.

The chunkletguy, aka Henry Owings, has been a vital fixture of the American indie music scene since the early 1990s, when Chunklet magazine first started appearing every so often, much to the delight of music geeks who like a good Modest Mouse joke. It is our good fortune that just this past March, Owings decided to dump over 2,000 songs into a behemoth of a playlist (some 100+ hours of music) that doesn't just cover the Athens, GA music scene that Owings is a significant part of, but spans deep cuts from Wilson Pickett, The Sonics and The Stooges, The Cynics, New Bomb Turks, Naked Raygun and hundreds of others bands -- many that will surely be new discoveries for most people. There's classic rock, new wave, no wave, psychedelic rock, punk, metal, math rock, essentially anything with a guitar and an attitude.

This is one of those, "If I could only listen to one playlist for the rest of my life..." kind of playlists. Pray it stays around forever so that you might find the time to listen to all the amazing music it has to offer. Right now it sits at 12 subscribers, so be the first cool kid on your block to add The Cooler to your collection.