Submit to the Boot: "Satellite of Love"

I know there isn't anything that really qualifies as a "bootleg" these days. It's a nostalgic term. But like all those pesky words it has become something else - or at least I think it can still serve a purpose - as a term for an alternate version of a song by the original band.

In the Submit to the Boot series I'll do some infrequent highlighting of songs that you find in the fringes of a band's catalog that beat the ones on the record. In a way, it's a spotlight on some of the stuff you find on the endless re-issues and box set filler that can easily pass by the frugal consumer. Also, demos and live versions.

The first is something that falls into one of those categories, I'm sure. It's the beautiful Lou Reed tune "Satellite of Love" as found as a bonus track on one of the many reissues of Loaded by The Velvet Underground.

Originally found on Lou Reed's Transformer.