all works property of Sean Michael Erickson

Weighing Heavily (2018)
45cm x 36cm, collage

On the Peninsula (2018)
30cm x 42cm, collage

Schriftsteller (2017)
40cm x 45cm, collage

Warp Hone (2018)
16cm x 12cm, collage

Surf and Turf (2017)
21cm x 30cm, collage

Waiting Room (2017)
30cm x 50cm, collage

Brained and Branded (2017)
21cm x 30cm, collage

Red Flag (2017)
39.5cm x 50cm, collage

Tiger Bomb (2017)
32cm x 46cm, collage

Deep in the Depot (2017)
30cm x 46cm, collage

Reright the Legend (2017)
50cm x 50cm, collage

Zen the Out Window (2017)
50cm x 50cm, collage

Command & Control (2017)
50cm x 50cm, collage

Heads of Division (2017)
50cm x 50cm, collage

Gold Tonez (2017)
50cm x 50cm, collage

Better Views (2017)
50cm x 50cm, collage

What Goes On (2017)
50cm x 50cm, collage

Don't Touch (2016)
50 x 50 cm, collage

High Wire Act (2016)
50cm x 50cm, collage

Meet Me in the Lobby (2016)
50 x 50 cm, collage

Get a Sense of It (2016)
50cm x 50cm, collage

Emergency Kit For Neuroskeptics

"A survival kit to help a modern person be more human in a time of neuroscience."

A multimedia art project in collaboration with Aga Tamiola. Click on the Kit below to visit our Tumblr for more info and to check out a video.

Random Order Sound Collective

A collective of four curious minded individuals spread far and wide over the globe who like to experiment with sound art and collage.

Click on the pic below to find our website and listen to some compositions.